Our approach

Every customer is different and every day is a learning process. For more than 40 years, Virtus has supported its customers with high-quality, innovative work based on fresh insights and a proven approach.

Concept & Design

Every fitting out or renovation must give the customer the right feel but, as with any product, durability, functionality and value for money are also important. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we want to collaborate with you to fine tune and adjust every project until it is exactly right.

Concept & Design

Budget & planning

Measurement is knowledge. Every square centimetre is essential when making customised furniture and every minute counts in the delivery and assembly. We offer a competitive price by combining custom ork from our own workshop with quality products from Cefla, a shop fittings wholesaler.

Budget & planning

Customised production

CNC-controlled saw and milling machines, bending machines, an extensive welding department, a powder coating facility, laser cutting machines, edge grinders, etc. Virtus has the most modern machines in metal, wood and varnishing. This means the entire production process can be kept in one hand and at one location at our site in Mechelen.

Productie op maat

Logistics and storage

Finished products are delivered directly to the site or are stored temporarily in our 3000 m² warehouse. Virtus also invests in the storage of standard materials such as wood and metal sheets to avoid stock shortages. This also leads to greater efficiency during the production process.

Groothandel winkelinrichting

Delivery & assembly

Will installation be quick and easy? Of course! Virtus has qualified shopfitters at its disposal who will carry out the installation. If additional work (electricity, lighting, plastering, painting...) is required, we will speak to our partners who share our quality standards.

Logistiek & Opslag


Montage & Oplevering

Ready for the real work to begin?

Virtus has all the knowledge and production capabilities required in-house, but customers are welcome to get involved in our project flow whenever they like.

Has your design team or your interior decorator already drawn up a fully worked-out plan? Perfect, then we can set to work at our studio immediately, turning your concept into reality in a fast and budget-friendly manner.

Would you like advice from our design team? Great, then we'll make time for a thorough brainstorming session to turn your business identity into an attractive and functional design.

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